March 7, 2009

YouTube Spa

Maybe it's the changing seasons but it seems everyone is a tad punchier and more stressed than usual...myself included... so here are some links, mostly YouTube, that are your spa on a computer. (And don't forget the great Ergonomics link under my faves list).
I thought reflexology was only feet. Nope. Also face. Also the hands....and feet... (also ears but the Youtube people were mostly just chatty about that stuff). Besides reflexology - some regular stretches...If you can ignore the annoying intro music that is too loud and then Monica who speaks too softly - these are the go to exercises for neck pain. After clicking through a bunch of "Monica" vids, my neck felt so much better. Get a strap or stretchy band for this shoulder one...and a nicely titled one (even if I got restless and quit halfway through) of just breathing - none of this is quite the same as a real spa (not that I really know although a friend swears by this place I want to try) but you do feel all peace love woodstock relaxed and if you are like me - these are less stressful than classes where I forget what the instructor said, fill my mind with inane chatter, and think " was that two short breaths or two long breaths? Why does everyone else know how to do this stuff?" Here, you can mess up. Who cares? It's just YouTube. Relax already - Spring is coming.

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