March 11, 2009

Rest in Peace, Mr. Grimshaw

For those of you who remember our friend, Mr. Grimshaw, sad news that he is gone.
Starting out as a mysteriously giant brown mystery fish in the bottom of a pet store delivery of goldfish, my daughter rescued him from the bin. He developed very slowly from a tadpole into a very handsome bullfrog - he did have a twisty leg which meant he would not have fared well in the wild but he had a giant tank, many guppy and brine shrimp friends, and an ongoing feast of crickets (many of which would escape and chirp, horribly, all winter long in hidden corners of every room, sigh). Sadly, earlier this year he jumped off his "land" - a nice slab of floating island (they need land if you ever keep frogs) and his leg caught in something, fracturing his pelvis. The one vet said there was a chance it might all knit together, but it did not. Mr. Grimshaw was unable to catch his crickets and grew thinner and thinner. The second vet said he was suffering, so he has been gently sent off to a great big pond in the sky with lots of minnows and crickets and no scary birds or snakes trying to eat him (and yes, I am getting quite weepy here, so I shall stop).
Anyway, goodbye Mr. Grimshaw. You added a lot to our lives.

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Manic Insanity said...

He really was an amazing frog, I will never forget Mr.Grimshaw and the giving him his last kiss on the nose like he was my own personal prince charming. He was the sweetest, simplest of frogs that I met with such an even temper and loved his head pet lightly. You will be missed and forever loved Mr.Grimshaw <3