November 29, 2008

pinch of this, dash of that

Some recent discoveries and delights - just saw this movie and loved it. A big fan of Amy Adams and Frances McDormand already and they are just terrific together. On a different film note, these little films (click on the various ones) are wonders - I especially loved the octopus. This history lesson seems to go with it (sort of) - I especially love Alexander's reaction to going underwater..."Alexander is quoted as observing, from what he had seen underwater, that "...the world is damned and lost. The large and powerful fish devour the small fry." Sort of surprised that upset him, considering the whole conquering the world career thing he had going on. This blog just wowed me - I took a book binding course years ago in New Haven and have always been smitten - one of those "when I get some time" things I would like to do again. There's a great place in NYC for it but the classes and I never have the same dance card free. Finally, this artist's work are so compelling - really like Time Horizon and Waste Man.

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