November 23, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Well, maybe just because I just came back from a bit of Christmas shopping - what a sense of satisfied hunter when you find just the right thing, huh? Anyway, I am jumping the gun, not even Thanksgiving yet, but I want the star twinkle lights hung, a wreath, and our tree dressed in our years of collected ornaments and that lovely pine smell, and the Christmas music on 24/7. We don't break out the Christmas cds until Thanksgiving Day, one of our family traditions, but here's a few for the blog (love that movie) and the lovely early gift of the son who will be home soon from college for a few days for Turkey Feasting and for that Dickens Bless us all everyone vibe. And on the shelf, a tiny year round tree.


alison said...

I loved all the youtube links, especially the Baby It's Cold Outside record! It is my favorite holiday song along with Let It Snow.

Susan said...

I am loving youtube lately - the nine year old, James, is learning cello and we have found to help him out, we just click on youtube, type in the name of the song and the word cello, and there it is - someone playing that song on the cello. I am just old enough to be continually thrilled and amazed at the internet :)

Buskitten said...

Hi Susan,
How very lovely to have my way to your blog through you visiting my blog! It is a great thing to be a blogger!
I love the snippets, photos and bit and bobs you write about - what an enchanting place you have created on the web.
Oh, I totally agree about the ticks, our cats get them, and we used to cover th poor things in vaseline, olive oil and all sorts of other greasy liquids, so the poor cats looked marinated!
Now, like you, I do-it-myself, but I just get a godd grip with my thumb and forefinger, and give a good, assertive yank! That does the trick! Horrible things, ticks!
Kirkcudbright is indeed a lovely little town, I feel blessed to be here. I'll take some pics of the cottage and the views etc and put them on the blog - it's a great place for a holiday!
Lovely to meet you Susan,
Best Wishes,

Susan said...

I am incredibly impressed with you, Liz, ticks - barehanded! Glad I am half-Scottish, good stock!