April 19, 2008

yardwork antics

A break in the Spring clean-up of the yard. It's actually bloomed up quite a bit since the week or so ago this picture was taken. In the meantime, a large coyote has taken to wandering through the yard - spotted at night which seems reasonable in an animal kingdom sort of way, but now he is cruising in the midafternoon. A neighbor said he might be a coydog - half coyote and half dog since he is so big (and yet so obviously coyote). None of this seems to bode well for the neighborhood cats or my two little dogs. The old girl is deaf and arthritic, the younger one does not have much sense. Worrisome.
When we came back from Vermont last year, we read a post about all the wild creatures...and we thought how in twenty years of visiting Vermont, we have seen dogs (not feral), bunnies (but in a box for sale), and a snake. Here in a 'burb right outside of Manhattan we have had the following stroll through (or fly above) the yard: deer, skunks, weasel, bunnies, tortoise, wild turkeys, groundhogs, pheasant, fox, hawks, raccoons, owls, bats, rats, mice, voles, chipmunks and squirrels, a variety of birds, and now coyote. Not to mention cats and dogs, of course, and a small boy wearing a gardening bag on his head.

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