April 6, 2008

Mr. Grimshaw update and birthday kvetching

The ever elusive and camera shy Mr. Grimshaw was not pleased with me - it took about twelve shots to get anything of him at all, especially since the tank is on a dresser wedged in a corner - same corner he likes to hide in.
He now has all four legs - when the last one (front) was coming in, he seemed quite disturbed - a frog version of teen angst, I imagine. Now he has all legs and his tail (which is providing him nourishment as his mouth changes) is rapidly diminishing. He tried a bit of a couple froggie moves the other day, kicking action, even head poking out of the water, very cool. I think he is discovering there may be some adventures linked to his new form.
How must it feel to turn from one creature to another? As my Wednesday birthday approaches, I could say something about aging turning me into some other sort of creature... my youngest son cannot imagine not being THRILLED about a birthday and gaining another year.
Move over, Mr. Grimshaw, I may join you.

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