September 14, 2009

Susan says Yes

Went to a bookreading last night in NYC to see my friend and amazing writer, Dylan Landis, read from her new work (that the amazing Elizabeth Strout is raving about so you know how fabulous it is). It was held at a very dramatic, very red, interesting bar called The KGB Bar, very "My name is Nadia" (remember that film where Nicole Kidman went around saying that, great accent? I annoyed people for weeks doing it). Great fun. They hold literary events frequently and this one was a real treat (especially for a girl who doesn't get out much).

I ended up staying up late reading the most fabulous Normal People Don't Live Like This so was very tired girl today at work. Recommending it because she writes so beautifully, it's powerful and fascinating, and she is my friend - so should you buy the book? Well, damn, look at my heading already.


nan said...

It's going right onto my Goodreads list. Thanks.

dylan said...

thank you, susan -- thank you, nan -- i'm blown away; what a beautiful and generous post.

Anonymous said...

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