April 26, 2008

The sea, the sea, and poetry

Up to Mystic for a night and back, the weather so warm we swore it was summer but for the mostly bare tree branches. A perfect getaway, tooling around Watch Hill and Westerly, RI. Today, the Feile-Festa literary journal readings at the Mulberry St. Library in NYC, nice turn-out, the issue looks splendid with stunning photographs of Ellis Island, and of course, great content. Link to the website which will probably be updated soon (last issue's writings make for a good read, too).

April 23, 2008

Sky Magnolias

Pinkalicious, the name of a popular children's book that I ordered for the library for one of my four year old "regulars" who only wore pink (that was last year, lately she seems to have moved onto other colors). But ah, today I am set my mind to indoor tasks, finally tackling some giant piles of papers, some editing, and it has to go and be all pink-scented and fabulous outside.
It's just an enormous soul WOW sometimes to step outside the door into the day.

April 21, 2008

Just like that

Amazing how it just happens, Spring, just like that. One minute gray, the next - whump! You've got forsythia and magnolias blooming all over the place. The magnolia tree is my neighbors, always love that it nods onto our driveway; one of my favorite trees. Tonight we watched the movie my youngest gave me for my birthday, Enchanted, which was delightful - but now I cannot get the "Happy Little Working Song" tune out of my head - especially since my daughter had one of her pet rats dancing to the music. Why all these pets cannot do household chores is beyond me, the least they could do is a wee bit of scrubbing here and there in exchange for snackies, yes? Maybe we need to keep singing to them.

The one and only Emily Pajamas

She's looking good for an old gal. Fourteen and a half which translates into what in people years? I followed her around the yard forever trying to get her to pose, but she is deaf so my calls to look up went unheeded. Here she is wondering what my daughter is saying to her - looking very patient if a bit bewildered by all our armwaving and nonsense (she is sooooo used to our nonsensical ways by this point in time...).

April 19, 2008

yardwork antics

A break in the Spring clean-up of the yard. It's actually bloomed up quite a bit since the week or so ago this picture was taken. In the meantime, a large coyote has taken to wandering through the yard - spotted at night which seems reasonable in an animal kingdom sort of way, but now he is cruising in the midafternoon. A neighbor said he might be a coydog - half coyote and half dog since he is so big (and yet so obviously coyote). None of this seems to bode well for the neighborhood cats or my two little dogs. The old girl is deaf and arthritic, the younger one does not have much sense. Worrisome.
When we came back from Vermont last year, we read a post about all the wild creatures...and we thought how in twenty years of visiting Vermont, we have seen dogs (not feral), bunnies (but in a box for sale), and a snake. Here in a 'burb right outside of Manhattan we have had the following stroll through (or fly above) the yard: deer, skunks, weasel, bunnies, tortoise, wild turkeys, groundhogs, pheasant, fox, hawks, raccoons, owls, bats, rats, mice, voles, chipmunks and squirrels, a variety of birds, and now coyote. Not to mention cats and dogs, of course, and a small boy wearing a gardening bag on his head.

April 11, 2008

Poetry Reading in NYC

If you happen to be in NYC on Saturday, April 26th, there will be a launch for the Spring 2008 issue of Feile-Festa, a literary arts journal, from 3:00-4:30 at the Mulberry Street Branch Library (10 Jersey Street, NYC). Come meet and greet, come hear some great poetry and writing, come cheer me on when I read my poem. Spring and art in the city, what could be more inspiring?

April 6, 2008

Mr. Grimshaw update and birthday kvetching

The ever elusive and camera shy Mr. Grimshaw was not pleased with me - it took about twelve shots to get anything of him at all, especially since the tank is on a dresser wedged in a corner - same corner he likes to hide in.
He now has all four legs - when the last one (front) was coming in, he seemed quite disturbed - a frog version of teen angst, I imagine. Now he has all legs and his tail (which is providing him nourishment as his mouth changes) is rapidly diminishing. He tried a bit of a couple froggie moves the other day, kicking action, even head poking out of the water, very cool. I think he is discovering there may be some adventures linked to his new form.
How must it feel to turn from one creature to another? As my Wednesday birthday approaches, I could say something about aging turning me into some other sort of creature... my youngest son cannot imagine not being THRILLED about a birthday and gaining another year.
Move over, Mr. Grimshaw, I may join you.

April 5, 2008


What's more powerful - the imprint on your mind from a book or a movie? Reading Black Juice, short stories by Margo Lanagan, (note her blog to the side, Among Amid While), the kind of characters and stories you think about after the book is closed. And just saw I am Legend which probably had more visual impact for me just because I know the (NY) city - if it was in Los Angeles like the original novel, would it have had the same impact? It reminds me of Jurassic Park, we came out of the movies in Wilton, Ct (very quiet) and could almost hear raptors rustling in the leaves as we walked to our car. Of course, the main question is how am I going to go to sleep now that I've scared myself to pieces?

April 1, 2008

Boy Toys and April at last

The real deal, not Madonna's version. I love walking into my son's room and seeing the strange assemblages of creatures, old Halloween masks, alien invaders, and the occasional stuffed animal toy squooshed in there as well. Rather horrible day countered by the fact that winter is behind us. Hope is a thing called sweater weather.