March 31, 2013

Sunday Quote and Happy Easter

Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song. - Pope John Paul II

March 28, 2013

MOMA on a Thursday

The oil by Pavel Tchelitchew, Hide-and-Seek, is reported to be the most popular painting at MOMA. I first saw it way back in high school and was mesmerized by it. In my mind I have always referred to it as the tree of life painting. Some art you carry with you forever. Some art you look at and shrug. Telling my youngest, see if you can find a link in your mind, something evoked, something sparked be it good or bad. Like poetry, you don't have to understand it, you just have to be open to what it might bring to you. A wonderful day with my two boys.

March 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tucker!

Three years old! We love you, little dog.

March 24, 2013

Sunday Quote

It is the wind and rain, O God, the cold and the storm that make this earth of Thine to blossom and bear its fruit. So in our lives it is storm and stress and hurt and suffering that make real men and women bring the world's work to its highest perfection. Let us learn then in these growing years to respect the harder sterner aspects of life together with its joy and laughter, and to weave them all into the great web which hangs holy to the Lord. - W.E.B.Du Bois

March 17, 2013

Sunday Quote

If you wait long enough a sentence appears. - Jeffrey Skinner, from Votive

March 15, 2013

Blinded with Science

And what is that music pouring out of my son's room but Thomas Dolby, an old favorite of mine and my husband...concert years ago at Radio City Music Hall years before this kid was born.

March 10, 2013

Sunday Quote

If you follow your bliss, you will always have your bliss, money or not. If you follow money, you may lose it, and you will have nothing. - Joseph Campbell

March 3, 2013

Sunday Quote

A mature religion is integral in nature - that means that it is flexible enough to integrate all new knowledge within its frame of reference and keep pace with all the new discoveries of the human mind. It indeed takes the cross into the spacecraft. Going to school means starting on the road to science, and if religion does not follow the same road with an open and critical eye, the grown adult who flies the ocean in superjets might be religiously still content with a tricycle. Essential for mature religion is the constant willingness to shift gears, to integrate new insights, and to revise our positions. - Henri Nouwen, Seeds of Hope