November 4, 2015


Found a box twenty plus years forgotten deep in the basement. Letters from my parents, postcards and long notes from old friends -some of whom, sadly, I am no longer in touch with, torn out articles and images from magazines, a smattering of old photos...I am only halfway through and am having the best time traveling back through the years. This morning's discovery? 
Thought these were tossed years ago
I remember every one which is kind of amazing considering I am going through some of these old notes and cards thinking - who was this person? -at their signature. Guess I didn't love them the way I loved Betsy! (All Betsy McCall lovers will understand this, I am sure).

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Nan said...

I loved paper dolls. I could play with them for hours. Somehow I can't imagine little girls doing this now. I must have been 10 or even older. You are SO lucky to have them.