January 27, 2015

Just like Laura Ingalls

Note the dog picture thrown in as he looked so cute after being dried off after snow and has little to do with taffy.
On a family list to try - maple taffy like they made in the Little House on the Prairie. Snow required -thanks to the not as bad as predicted snowstorm, we have that (it's freezing out there!). Various websites said boil maple syrup until a candy thermometer says nuclear hot or whatever. We don't have one of those but neither did Laura. We tried their "forms. Ball in cold water" alternate, never seemed to get there but seemed to double in size. We decided it was taffy ready when we got tired of waiting. You then pour the super hot maple syrup into a cake tin that has packed down fresh snow....it does harden but the snow started to melt so fast that we grabbed a strainer and poured out the maple watery stuff. What is left is too sweet for
More than a taste unless you are the fellow historian cook teen with a sore throat. Bummed no vanilla ice cream in
The house (would have been a perfect combo) but the son
Had a good idea to throw in some walnuts as it hardened into a sticky lake of hard taffy. Note -many sticky spoons, pot, cake tin. We
Think the leftover will be great added to oatmeal -especially with walnuts. Thanks, Laura, and we didn't even have to look out for bears.
Although typing all this out on a phone is, indeed, a bear.


Anonymous said...

calls to mind snow days past when Max & Lucas tried to make the "food" all the little critters in the Redwall series were eating.....honey crusted acorns anyone?!! (yours looks yummier for sure) Joan

gretchenjoanna said...

I could get into this! Ah...but no snow here. All your concocting sounds fun and yummy. Was it as good as it sounds on oatmeal?

Susan Moorhead said...

it actually was delish on oatmeal and also quite good just as a spoon lollipop (as in dip the tip of the spoon in the thickness and enjoy!). We are big on peanut and also almond butter lollis too!

Bill's Breakfast & Bait said...

That's a goofy looking dog!

Susan Moorhead said...

That's a cute dog, you! And he likes you better anyway.