March 2, 2014

First night in Charleston

Only we would head to Charleston, South Carolina for a mini-vacation and have them declare a state of emergency the day we were supposed to leave.  We debated, we went anyway.  It was cold, true, but not as cold as we are in New York.  Around the corner from our hotel we found this gem, a French restaurant called 39 Rue De Jean.  Absolutely charming.  The waitstaff are all dressed very French and they are very attentive, the decor is lovely and the food was quite good.  We adored the onion soup.  It reminded us a good deal of a place we used to frequent years ago in Brooklyn called McFeeleys only with a French twist. 
Afterwards we walked around the blocks near the hotel, a bit rainy, a bit windy, rather chilly, but in a wonderful mood from our dinner and just from being out and about.


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Joan Perry said...

Oh, good choice! I went there for New Years dinner.