September 14, 2013

OPA! Neighborhood Greek Festival

a sure sign of age...cannot eat beloved candy apples or all the dental work will be for naught! I love the trashy beauty of arcades and summer festivals...always waiting for a Ray Bradbury novel to just kick in at some point. My son and his crew running around, the growing din and neon lights, the dancing Greek girls in the music tent, all fabulous. Good use of a popcorn container - make a hat! The food was heaven - we had gyros loaded with garlicky yogurt sauce and baklava. Walked the long blocks home discussing our brief failed careers as school paper reporters...very funny (we each did a review not well received. Mine was a very earnest review of a horror movie that my timid 9th grade self should not have seen. I wrote it was terrifying. Apparently only my review was!) Ah, husband. After a million years, I still have stories to hear and stories to share... Nice being married to you. And home just in time to catch The Birdcage on tv, a favorite movie - Nathan Lane and Gene Hackman wonderfulness. Opa!

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