June 14, 2013

New poem online at Danse Macabre

Very pleased to have a poem, To Complete the Spell, appearing on Danse Macabre. You can access it here: http://dmdujour.wordpress.com/2013/06/12/susan-moorhead-to-complete-the-spell/


Nan said...

I realized that maybe you didn't see my comment on the poetry page. I thought the poem was great, and this is what I said:

This is wonderful! I especially love the words ”spliced” and “swiped” – perfect bookends to the poem/story. I also like the notion of a “willing trade.”

Susan Moorhead said...

Thank you, Nan! I have been having terrible problems with spam and just had to give up and do the captcha thing - but somehow managed to delay the posts or lose some, not sure. Will have to keep aware of it. However, I appreciate your remarks so very much.