April 6, 2013

Spring walk around the lake

Walking around the same area for a number of years is a relationship with the banks and the trees, and memories. Lucky me catching this old turtle on a rock. The younger ones dash in before you can barely see them. I miss so many trees, old friends that leaned low over the water, creating pockets of mystery along the banks and great places for the birds and frogs and turtles to hide out. The storms of winter and Parks and Rec have left little on the banks. Still - mushrooms budding on tree trunks, green shoots in the muddy edges, lend a hope that Nature will rally yet again, grow, heal, bloom. The beauty of a bird versus the idiocy of what people dump in the lake... Enjoying the rowdy game of Lacrosse that was playing in the high school field getting my walking rhythm back, and remembering to listen to what the trees say when the wind rushes through. Drove home feeling chilled to the bone but good, the way a Spring walk is supposed to feel.

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