August 22, 2012

Canadian Deer or American Deer. Crossing that is.

Our recent vacation in Vermont included a trek up to Canada, Lake Memphremagog actually, which was quite lovely.  We noted the also lovely Deer Crossing signs.  We found them to be rather festive little deer, with a note of frolicking that our American signs sadly lack.  To be fair, the American deerlings seem to be more elegant.  Almost the Noel Coward of Deer Crossing signs.
Obviously we prefer the Canadian ones, nearly reindeer-like in my mind (which in my mind is always a good thing).  Any thoughts on preferences?



Bill said...

Those silly Canadian prancers!

I love your blog.

Nan said...

Wow, I'll have to pay more attention. I couldn't tell you which of your signs I see (in the US).

Susan said...

The top one is Canadian. We thought it more fun :)