June 7, 2012

BEA in NYC or the yearly madness

 Well, of course, Captain Underpants had to come to BEA if there is yet another book release in this mind-bogglingly successful series for kids (if you have ever been stuck reading your kid this book or Pilkey's Super Diaper Baby, I feel your pain.)
 We were very impressed at the amount of effort this must take to lay these out on the steps.  Someone has a good eye and steady hands.  Can you imagine if it was crooked?  Maybe it was first go round and some poor soul was freaking out at three am.
 Rachael Ray is much prettier in person than on her show, not that she isn't pretty on her show but she was rather radiant looking.  Glowy or not,  I was not willing to stand in the crazy long line for a signed book, but couldn't resist a quick snapshot.
 My apologies to the dapper and darling Tim Gunn for a terrible snapshot.  Fun to walk by the celebrities but the lines are killer.  Just can't do it.  Although I did wait on line for a fab McGraw Hill red bag that were very hot.  Had to, my little paper bags were overflowing with galleys and catalogs and the like.  Priorities. You have to be very brave or very beautiful to pull off a white leotard and wings but this gal was both and gracious to boot.
 Ah, Olivia.  Do you know Pete the cat?  He loves his blue shoes.
 We came, we saw, we fought the good fight.  We now have a zillion catalogs, bookmarks, posters, and galleys.  Now the fun of perusing them begins.  Glad to be home since towards the end I was starting to feel a little bit like this sign suggests about the crowds and the fatigue factor of lugging bags of hand outs around.
until next year.

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