May 29, 2012

Rabbit Round-up

I have probably posted this prior but I do so love Dr. Alice Roberts ever since I saw her BBC special on Wild Swimming - so here is a fun interview in a car.  Longish but not dull especially all the chat about digging up bones and what have you (unless you shudder at bones stuff, I find it all quite fascinating).

This site where you can view magazine covers from old Holiday magazines is a walk through the past, so interesting and nostalgic.  I love that people put together these kind of sites online.

More memory - Dear Photograph - the book coming soon, cannot wait to ILL it (you know you are a librarian if you know that term) and I love the blog, the idea behind the blog etc.

Oh, and it is dinner.  So much for a big round-up.  End on this which I posted to all my long suffering pals - like the Donald, I would like to be called The Susan after seeing this

Nice to have a husband who cooks :)

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