January 7, 2012

Zen - the Detective on PBS

Watching the suave and debonair Zen on Masterpiece mystery PBS the other night and thinking how much is said through gesture, expression, the raised eyebrow, the curve of a mouth. So much is said without words and said so adroitly that it made me consider how I must dilute a lot of what I say with all my endless cha cha cha of words...how do gulls play into this thought? Well, they got very chatty later when an older woman threw bread from her car window in the parking lot by the water...and on such a pretty fake Spring day, I could not resist a swing by seaside after a slice of great Sicilian pizza at Pizza Centre (the best) with my man.


WOL said...

Ah, yes. Inspector Zen. From Venice as I recall. I think it's terrible that so much of the great TV I watch comes from Britain and Canada.

Anonymous said...

It was a great day with you.