October 18, 2011

More Comic Con

One of the misperceptions of Comic Con to the outside world is that it is comic books. Only. What is it actually? Art. Imagination. Theatre. People walking around dressed in Superhero costumes, Cosplay outfits (love the fox ears and tails with kilts)and Loli dresses, steampunkers and sci-fi fans and freaks, all sorts of fans...as someone who loved Bladerunner, the X-files, twin peaks, Sleeper, now HAVEN (watch! on the SYFY channel, it's great!), Star Trek, Close Encounters, yetis and krakens and all sorts of nonsense, and yes there truly is a sea monster in Loch Ness as well as in Lake Champlain (I have stood on the decks of boats on both lakes and called to them :) It's a Scottish thing. So why not believe or at least play that you do? It's fun.

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WOL said...

Yay! A "Haven" fan -- good writing, good actors, great scenery -- what's not to like? (They are going to make us wait until December to find out who tazed Audrey and absconded with her!!)

Steampunk is an interesting "head place" --Not sure just how to describe it as it also a genre of literature as well as a "culture" If you like steampunk and alternative history stuff, you should try Elizabeth Bear's "New Amsterdam" books -- they are Kindle downloads, but you can convert them to something readable on your PC using the free Calibre conversion program -- which is very easy to use and intuitive, BTW. Gail Carriger's "Parasol Protectorate" series is another great read. And if you are into Shakespearian faeries (Oberon, Titania, Puck, etc), Elizabethan time period, and historical fantasy, (and don't mind a little gay with your fey), Elizabeth Bear's four-book "Promethian Age" series is good too. And if you like comics, google for "Girl Genius webcomic Foglio."