May 4, 2011

Showing off

Driving to work and all I can think is that the trees are so beautiful, the yards are so amazing, that it almost looks fake. These pictured, from a neighborhood walk, aren't even the most lavish ones - the plushest big pink hussy trees look like drunken fairies glued on hundreds of big fat pink tissue paper flowers everywhere and smacked them with fairy dust. The riots of yellow flowers dotting bright green lawns, or the tulips and daffodils and all the Easter bonnet topping types of finery sort of flowers, just everywhere. One expects elves and dancing rabbits. Just a world in bloom and a sky full of promise. And the sneezing. Don't forget the sneezing. Beauty comes at a price.


Nan said...

I so love this - drunken fairies and dancing rabbits!! You are a few weeks ahead of me. No sneezing here though, thank goodness!! Allergies are funny. I never knew anyone who had allergies when I was a kid. Where did they come from??

Susan said...

Thanks, Nan :)

I didn't have any allergies until after children - then a couple kicked in, and now "later in life", suddenly allergic to penicillin. Hormones, I guess. Go figure.