March 2, 2011

My Life...and then some

"My Life is pieces of paper that I'll get back to later
I'll write you a story, how I ended up here
Why the little things make us and how long it takes us
To figure out what matters the most..."

-Lori McKenna, The Most

Been listening to the new Lori McKenna cd - no one I ever mention her to knows her work and she is so good - I love her voice and on every cd there are songs I play over and over - today's song is The Most, was so pleased to find it on Youtube so I could share it (and go get her cds, people!). Also enjoying Esperanza Spalding - I confess prior to the grammys I did not know her work - and what is strange is I never watch the grammys or any awards shows other than the Oscars (which good, bad, or indifferent I watch religiously, welcome to my quirks). Her cd is also great - and also perfect for cooking by :) Nothing like a little jazz in the kitchen. I love the way her music makes you mind take off on its own spirals and twirls.
Thank you WOL for your most complimentary award - and here, all of you somewhere out there, is a link to a blog,
The Owl Underground I visit often - as well as a link here to some creative art and poem play she has been doing - you might note the photographer in a couple of them is yours truly - love to be included in her creative sphere :)
Also over at another favorite spot - Apifera Farm - Matilda, a donkey who has had a difficult life, is now about to know kindness - if you can donate towards her well-being, here is the link to do so. I am in continual awe of the kindness and giant heart and compassion of Katherine Dunn and the Apifera Farm family, crew and friends. Her art book is available on the AF blog as well as Amazon - I thumbed through a copy at my library and had to order it immediately. Spring painting fun just around the corner. (Do you hear me, Spring? I'm waiting...)

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As Granny Miller said, wanted to share the "link juice."