September 10, 2010

encounter with a gardening fairy

The Farmer's Market on Sunday had more than just lavender cookies (yum!) and veggies and the usual animal pals, walking trails, dappled sunlight, you know the whole country wowza thing that makes your brain smile...the gardener turned fairy was leading fairy walks (we remembered our walks with the fairies from years ago)...she was gracious enough to show off her self-made wings - hangers and stockings and paint held on with some bikini bottoms - inventive to say the least. We missed out on our Vermont days away so this held a hint of it.


Kate said...

The fairy's wings are beautifully done.
I love your phrase "...makes your brain smile". Following a fairy through a meadow would, indeed, make a person smile.

Susan said...

and the fairy was the gardener, seemed so apt.