November 24, 2009

Chill Hot Chill

It's chilly in the morning and then too hot at work and then at home, cold again. The pattern of the late fall and impending winter, I am sure. But I like the month of November, not just the turkey-stuffing-cranberry-delicious holiday, but so much of it, the husband saying how you can really see the sky with all the leaves down, the sense of change, the shift into a different way of seeing and feeling; I think the part of the soul that craves solitude and going deeper loves November.


jodi said...

I do like how you can see things that you haven't seen before. Ponds that were hidden, houses etc. Even though we have lived here for 15 years I'm still seeing things when I drive to work that I had not seen before.

Susan said...

Thanks - I love the way looking through a camera lens focuses your eye even when you don't have your camera with you.