October 6, 2009

Need a new Camera - suggestions?

Some older shots from my store-stalking days a few months back - my bff (Iam so 12)just reminded how fabulous Anthropoligie is (a favorite store) as her husband came through with most wonderful gifts from there. I need a new camera - the one purchased to replace the one that died has weird color and a flatness I dislike. Any suggestions of beloved cameras out there?

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jamie said...

If your really looking for image quality why not try dslr. Dslr's have better sensors and better lens for the best image quality. Most beginner dslr's will have a bunch of automatic features but when your ready you will be able to switch over to the automatic features, and thats where the real fun begins.

If your looking into dslr's I think the canon 500d is a good place to start looking.