August 18, 2009

My ABC's

A Altered
B Blue Sky Blue Sea
C Coffee
D Doorways
E Everything (and Nothing)
F Fishes and Fins and Frogs and Fog
G Give
H Harbor
I Inward
J Jars
K Kozy Kloset Kutie's I hate C words spelled with a K
L Love
M Mercurial
O Oh, my
P Pelicans
Q Quirky
R Restless
S Same old same old same old same old sigh
T Trepidation
U U Drive me Crazy
V Vie (C'est la)
W Wanderlust
X (E)Xasperated
Y Yes
Z ( A) Zillion times, Yes.

What is your alphabet?


alison said...

Hi Susan,
Finally a moment to stop by! It's fun to go back and see all I've missed - I particularly love the daisy tire.
Thanks for not kicking me off your blog roll!

Susan said...

I would never boot you off, Alison! Welcome, welcome. Busy summer all, I know. (and can you believe school starts so soon? My college boy goes back in a week and a half).

Anonymous said...

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