July 24, 2009

Poetry, Brit-style (and fabulous)

SO, we'll go no more a-roving
So late into the night,
Though the heart be still as loving,
And the moon be still as bright.

Leave it to VSL which graces my inbox with all sorts of goodies (really, you want to sign up) to present this brilliant bit , a rockin' presentation Lord Byron would surely approve of...and here is the rest of the sight - looks terrific. I know what I will be clicking on all weekend - that is after my personal yearly pilgrimage to the book sales to blow out all book sales in Southport at the Pequot Library...if you are in Ct this weekend, worth it.


Nan said...

Duh! If I had gone back I wouldn't have asked where Pequot was? I hadn't visited in too long so I began with the first post and went back a bit - not far enough clearly.:<) VSL is good but I didn't want to give my birthdate and zip code. I think I can just visit the site. I saw mention of thirtysomething - and it has been in my Netflix queue since I first heard it was FINALLY coming out. I think it was the music that held things up; they wanted to include the real songs that were in the show where it aired. Apparently Northern Exposure was never able to do this - get approval or whatever to use the songs that were in the episodes when it was on tv. I don't really get it. I would think any exposure for music is good. I love thirtysomething. I think that's where the age and something came into being- twentysomethings, fortysomethings, etc. A brilliantly written and acted series. Have you seen it?

Susan said...

I was slightly obsessed with thirtysomething - my husband would argue more than slightly - as I was thirtysomething and just had my daughter when it was on and felt that the show was practically a mirror for all that was going on in my life...my husband, oddly enough, couldn't stand the show! Thought the men were annoyingly whiny :) I adored Northern Exposure too (and the husband liked that one!).