September 19, 2008

poetry friday with a toothache

This toothy poem found on the sissyfish blog feels appropriate considering I am on a boatload of pain meds for dental work (note both ocean and teeth themes here) as well as feeling a bit freaked out by the escalating viciousness of the political front.
Obviously many people out there on both sides of the political fence have a lot of passionate opinions to air, but whether you are for one candidate or the other, the fact that some people are using politics to air their secret hatreds (as if that in any way will make this a better country or world) is so disturbing and very sad.


violetlady said...

I have gum surgery looming before me in the near future. I hope that isn't the toothy pain you are suffering from.

I totally agree with you regarding the news on the political front. Tiresome.

Susan said...

Gum surgery does not sound at all pleasant! This is just the never ending saga of broken tooth/root canal/crown work...hard to believe all of this stuff (and expense) can happen to one tooth.