March 15, 2008

Some good silly and Dan Zanes

This is the most inane thing I have seen in a long time - so of course I have watched it a couple of times.... . Thanks to J. for turning me on to it but maybe not for keeping me up so late...oh exhaustion. Amazing how funny stuff is at one thirty in the morning that might not be otherwise.
Not just for the kids:
Been listening to Dan Zanes' Catch That Train cd in my car on my way to work - especially love the Miss Mary Mack song done Zanes style. A link to his webpage:
His song, Jump Up, from the picture book of same name with cd inside, is the perfect thing to play if you are on your way to work (especially with children and the public) and need to get up and into a good mood. this amuses. Particularly the Ulster Scots. Well particularly to me anyway... (image of Scottish guy shaking his head and typing it...maybe you have to be part Scotttish). At any rate, a great and creative response to computer glitches.

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